Close to 90 Proposals!

LANSA had invited high quality research proposals with August 21 as deadline.

We would like to thank the applicants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for sending in their proposals on time. We've received nearly 90 research proposals, and the shortlisting process in underway.  

The Call for Proposals was to look for applications that propose new and innovative interventions in any area of agriculture for nutrition and / or to test the feasibility of scaling-up such innovations.

The LANSA Responsive Window facility seeks to engender a wider sense of engagement among national and regional stakeholders.

Shortlisted proposals will hear from us by September 18

The bids received cover research in Afghanistan (3), Bangladesh (7), India (33) and Pakistan (35). LANSA's Call also attracted SEVEN bids for multi-country studies.

Concept notes are currently being screened by a review team with members drawn from the LANSA consortium. We aim to announce the shortlisted applicant list by September 18.  These applicants will then need to prepare and submit a detailed research proposal by October 23, 2015.


The timetable for the selection process is detailed below: 

  • Shortlisted applicants will be informed by September 18, 2015;
  • These applicants are invited to prepare and submit full research proposal by October 23, 2015; 
  • Research proposals will be reviewed by the internal review team and an external panel using a standard scoring system;
  • Selected projects will be announced by November 20, 2015;
  • Research studies should be designed to commence by January 4, 2016

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