Strengthening capacity to use research

Training workshops hailed a success by stakeholders

LANSA’s stakeholders are the people who have an interest in our research. They are usually part of organizations that are either influential or supportive of improving nutrition through agriculture and agri-food systems. These stakeholders are at the heart of LANSA’s research uptake strategy. We interviewed them as part of our enabling environments research, and consulted them on our research plans.

Stakeholder capacity to use and assess the quality of evidence is essential for informing policy and programmes, and for using and digesting LANSA’s research. So we decided to offer stakeholders the opportunity to participate in training to improve their capacity.

Workshops in Bhubaneshwar and Hyderabad

MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) organized two workshops for 41 participants in Bhubaneshwar in Orissa, and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh in June 2014. Stakeholders who attended were from government, research institutions, large NGOs and UN agencies. They also organized a workshop for their own researchers back in Chennai.

The aim of the two workshops was to help participants locate the latest research relevant to their work, using a range of methods. They also covered the uses and benefits of synthesized research tools and social media tools. The training helped participants assess different research sources in a rigorous and systematic way.

Participants with high skills rose by 45%

Pre and post surveys of participants' self reported scores across several information skills suggests significant improvements. Participants rating themselves as having high skill levels went from 33% before the workshop to 78% afterwards, representing a significant 45% increase. Those rating themselves as having low skill levels went down from 30% before the training to 5% afterwards, representing a drop of 25%. Equally importantly was how the participants felt about the training. All the participants agreed they would recommend the training to a friend.

Capacity training Hyderabad

A collaboration

The workshops represent collaboration between several people and organizations. Sangeetha Rajeesh from MS Swaminathan Research Foundation organized the workshops and identified and invited the participants. Siobhan Duvigneau and Jagdeep Shokar from the Institute of Development Studies assessed training needs, and facilitated the training. The Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture, in Bhubaneswar, and The Central Institute for Dryland Agriculture in Hyderabad hosted the sessions, and supported LANSA’s efforts to empower agriculture and nutrition stakeholders.

Top right: Training session in Bhubaneshwar. Bottom left: Training session in Hyderabad
Photos: Sangeetha Rajeesh

Julia Powell and Sangeetha Rajeesh
Friday, July 11, 2014

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