“From the calendar I now understand that Vitamin A is important for our eyes"

Raising awareness about nutrition and diet diversity among school children from tribal villages in India through nutritional calendar.
The following is the transcription of the audio interview.

My name is Priya. I am in 8th class at Z. P. High School, Susund village, Wardha. From the nutritional calendar provided by LANSA, MSSRF, I now understand that Vitamin A is important for our eyes and if we eat curry leaves and green leafy vegetable we will have better eyesight. I also learned the importance of washing hands with soap after using the toilet. From the calendar I learned the following:
• From calendar now we know days like children day, World Toilet day. 
• Importance of iron. 
• We should use closed toilet. 
• Wash our hands with soap and clean water- After using toilet, before cutting vegetables and cooking, before and after meals.
• Wash vegetables before cooking and eating 
• Vitamin A is important for eyes. For vitamin A we consume curry leaf and green leafy vegetables.
• For vitamin C we consume green leafy vegetables

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