“I came to know about fruits rich in vitamin C, which helps to increase immunity in the body”

Raising awareness about nutrition and diet diversity among school children from tribal villages in India through nutritional calendar.
The following is the transcription of the audio interview.

My name is Barsha Harijan. I am in 7th class at Upper Primary School, Chikima. From the nutritional calendar provided by LANSA, MSSRF, I came to know about the fruits amla, guava, lemon, mango, papaya and vegetables like bitter guard, cauliflower and moringa are rich in vitamin ‘C’ and which will help to increase the immunity power of the body. I got knowledge how to overcome from night blindness by consuming vitamin ‘A’ rich vegetables. Apart from this hygiene is also needed in our life along with the intake of vitamin ‘A’ & vitamin ‘C’ food to get rid of diseases.

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