Agriculture and Nutrition in Pakistan – Pathways and Disconnects: research brief

Results of the latest nationwide nutrition survey show that Pakistan has persistently high rates of undernutrition despite respectable rates of economic growth. Amongst economic sectors, agriculture could have positive impacts on nutrition outcomes, but only through nuanced approaches. Exploring possible links between agricultural growth and nutrition improvement in the country reveals that land, gender relations, individual behaviour and preferences, as well as political priorities and organisational effectiveness, act as disconnects between agriculture and nutrition. These areas represent both opportunities and challenges for improving nutrition outcomes. This has important implications for existing policy and programmes that address issues such as labour arrangements, women’s agency, social protection and citizenship.

This summary is based on the evidence review ‘Agriculture and Nutrition in Pakistan – Pathways and Disconnects’ written by Mysbah Balagamwalah and Haris Gazdar (CSSR) for LANSA.

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