For better and long-lasting nutrition, begin with the young in India

Farming System for Nutrition (FSN) feasibility study involves examining the feasibility of crop and animal husbandry, home and community nutrition gardening and nutrition awareness interventions and their impact on nutritional outcomes. Focus group discussions revealed the households had a relatively poor understanding of balanced diet and proper nutrition. To empower communities to better understand nutrition and benefits of consuming a balanced diet, MSSRF-LANSA staff began to include nutrition and health messages while communicating with the village communities. Although village schools teach hygiene and sanitation, there seemed to be a lack of understanding of this knowledge and application of these concepts to real life situations and daily practices and behaviours. To have an impact on children in the study villages, a tailor-made strategy of effective nutrition messages along with engagement activities was drawn up. It was felt that the use of simple yet attractive teaching tools would enable LANSA to play a vital role in influencing and shaping the child’s understanding, attitude and behaviour toward nutrition.


South Asia Focus

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