Community Nutrition Garden in Maharashtra, India

The conceptualisation of nutrition garden under a Farming Systems for Nutrition approach aims at optimal utilization of land to grow vegetables that can contribute to the requirements of a balanced diet as well as address particular nutrition deficiencies. Nutrition gardens are nothing but home gardens of natural and bio-fortified fruits and vegetables of high nutritive value where the species selection is inclusive of the three vegetable groups viz., green leafy vegetables, roots and tubers and other vegetables with specific attention to addressing micronutrient deficiencies, particularly iron and vitamin A. 

Steps were initiated in late 2013 to establish nutrition gardens in the backyard land area of households in five villages under a Farming System for Nutrition Study in Wardha district. Women from households having no land or very less backyard land area were encouraged to come together and set up community nutrition garden (CNG) on Panchayat  land or on land taken on lease, with provision for watering the gardens (Nagarajan et al. 2014). Read full case study here.

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