Improved agriculture practices for better home nutrition

I am a small farmer with 0.9 acres of land. I also cultivate an additional 1 acre of government land to meet my family needs. I usually grow paddy, finger millet, and mixed cropping of maize, pigeon pea and other vegetables; but the traditional method of cultivation results in low yield and the quantity does not meet the year round food requirement of my family.  

Name: Sahadev Paraja
Village: Dumuriguda, Block: Boipariguda, District: Koraput
Age: 53 years
Caste: Paroja (ST)
Occupation: Farmer (1.9 acres)
Family size: 5 (3 adults, 2 children) 
Read full story in English (Translated by Akshaya Kumar Panda and Aliza Pradhan) and Odiya.

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