Improved variety of finger millet for higher production

Finger millet is one of our major crops, also out staple food. We depend on finger millet throughout the year for our daily diet, and it gives us energy to do our every day work. I have 0.15 acres of upland and I always cultivated rice. Due to water scarcity I had very poor yields. So in 2010, I switched to finger millet cultivation and continue till now. I broadcast my own seeds and the yield was around 30-40 kg. The produce was sufficient for 5-6 months of my family, and for rest of the months I bought from the market.

Name: Sania Guntha 
Village: Atalguda, Block: Boipariguda, District: Koraput
Age: 52 years
Caste: Rana (OBC)
Occupation: Farmer (3 acres)
Family size: 5 (4 adults, 1 child)
Read full story in English (Translated by Akshaya Kumar Panda and Aliza Pradhan) and Odiya.

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