International Women’s Day celebration at M S Swaminathan Research Foundation

PRE PRESS RELEASE. India, March 10, 2017: From awareness raising to concrete action, this International Women's Day 2017 let’s look beyond by taking meaningful action that truly drives the greatest change for women!

Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) at M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) invites you participate and cover the Will you #BeBoldForChange? seminar-discussion to commemorate International Women’s Day 2017 on March 10, 2017, Friday​.

DATE: March 10 (Friday)

TIME: 11am to 1 pm

VENUE: M S Swaminathan Research Foundation Auditorium,

​Taramani Institutional Area, ​


According to FAO, half the world’s farmers are women, and in South Asia women are involved in almost all stages of the agricultural process. Agriculture is the main livelihood for a majority of rural families in India, and does have a huge potential to reduce undernutrition. This is yet to be realised.

Steady feminisation of the agricultural labour force has created a major role for women in the agriculture process making women’s time a crucial factor. Women are also an absolute importance when it comes to child nutrition and household well-being. Naturally, much emphasis is laid on the regularity of feeding as it has significant implications on the nutrition and health of children under 2 years, particularly during the 1000-day period. Ironically, South Asia is home to a large population of undernourished children, and raises beg questions:

Will empowering the women force in agriculture better her nutrition? Will she have more time for child care, and will this lead to better child nutrition? If we agree that the answer is ‘YES’ – then, how will this change look? Find answers at the LANSA – MSSRF IWD2017 Seminar on MARCH 10, 2017! Will you #BeBoldForChange? The Agenda for the Seminar-Discussion is attached.

Dr V Amuthvalli IAS, Director of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu will make a Special Address.

Prof MS Swaminthan will make the Concluding Remarks, and discussions will be moderated by Dr Prakash Shetty, CEO of LANSA programme.

Seminar speakers include:

- Dr Farhat Saiyed, Nutrition Specialist UNICEF, TN state team

- Dr Nitya Rao, Gender Lead - LANSA programme, & Professor -Gender & Development,  University of East Anglia

- Dr R Rukmani, Director - Food Security, MSSRF

- Dr S Velvizhi, Coordinator - Fish for All Training Centre, MSSRF

News published date: 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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