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Women lawmakers vow to struggle for female agriculture workers’ emancipation - DAWN-August 30, 2018

Women parliamentarians on Wednesday vowed that they would work hard irrespective of their party affiliations for emancipation of womenfolk especially female agriculture workers in rural swathes of Sindh and the rest of the country.

‘46 per cent of children up to three months are stunted in rural Sindh’ - The News International - September 1, 2018

In Pakistan, women make up a majority of the agricultural workforce, but their contribution remains unacknowledged in policy and public debates. Women agricultural workers undertake difficult physical labour, working long hours in unsafe conditions and are paid lower wages compared to their male counterparts.

Venkaiah Naidu bats for nutrition-sensitive agriculture, home-grown food security - The New Indian Express - July 30, 2018

Venkaiah Naidu says that the country must no longer depend on imported food security and at the same time that there must be diversification of crop production to include millets and pulses.

Leveraging agriculture for nutrition - The Financial Express, 28 July 2018

Abdul Bayes | While the role of agriculture has been recognised as a supplier of food in the past, very little attention has been reportedly paid on its role in the mitigation of malnutrition. It is thus no wonder that Bangladesh has been caught in the quagmire of "Asian Enigma," where food surplus exists alongside the nutritional deficit. Keeping in mind that we should search for...

MSSRF to hold Natl Consultation on leveraging agriculture for nutrition on Jul 29 - United News of India-25 July 2018

Malnutrition was a persistent problem among women and children in India which, despite efforts by governments for decades, continues at unacceptable levels.

পুষ্টির পাশাপাশি দরকার স্বাস্থশিক্ষাও : গণস্বাস্থ্য পরিচালক - Somoy News, 24 July 2018

পুষ্টিসমৃদ্ধ খাদ্য উৎপাদন ও সরবরাহ করার পাশাপাশি, তা খাওয়ার পদ্ধতি সম্পর্কেও সবাইকে জানাতে হবে। তা না হলে, সকলের জন্য পুষ্টি নিশ্চিতকরণে সরকারের নেয়া বিভিন্ন উদ্যোগের সফল বাস্তবায়ন সম্ভব হবে না।

Malnutrition higher in BD’s coastal, haor regions: Study - The Observer, 24 July 2018

Children living in the coastal and wetland (haor) regions of Bangladesh are 1.5 times more likely to be stunted, according to a study.The study report was disseminated during a seminar titled 'Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in Bangladesh' organised by the Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) and Brac at the Brac Centre on Monday, said a press release.

লানসা-ব্র্যাকের সেমিনারে তথ্য - হাওর ও উপকূলে পরিবারপিছু আয় ১৬ শতাংশ কম - Kaler Kantho, 24 July 2018

দেশের অন্যান্য অঞ্চলে যেখানে খর্বকায় শিশুর হার ৩০.৯ শতাংশ, সেখানে হাওরে এই হার ৪৬.৬ শতাংশ। হাওরে কম ওজনের শিশুর হার ৪৪.৫ শতাংশ। অথচ দেশের অন্যান্য অঞ্চলে এই হার ৩৪.১ শতাংশ।

Coastal, haor regions exposed to higher malnutrition - The Independent, 24 July 2018

Bangladesh has progressed significantly in food production in the last couple of years but the malnutrition rate is still higher in coastal and wetland (haor) areas as 46.6 per cent children living in the region are suffering from stunting, reports BSS. Speakers including nutrition experts said this while addressing a concluding seminar titled ‘Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in...

Malnutrition among children in coastal, haor areas high: Study - Daily Sun, 24 July 2018

Children living in coastal and ‘haor’ regions of Bangladesh are 1.5 times more likely to be stunted, a study said.This was revealed at a seminar titled ‘Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in Bangladesh’ held at BRAC Centre in the capital on Monday.


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