Prasun Kumar Das, R. V. Bhavani, M. S. Swaminathan
Agriculture is the primary livelihood of a majority of the population in South Asia. The region also houses a large population of undernourished people. The farming system for nutrition (FSN) model...

H. Malapit; S. Kadiyala; A. Quisumbing / International Food Policy Research Institute, 2013
It is increasingly recognised that agricultural growth and development do not necessarily translate into improved nutrition outcomes. Policymakers are increasingly grappling with how to design and...

H Gazdar, M Balagamwala
This paper analyses the pathways and disconnects between agriculture and nutrition in the context of Pakistan, using a framework developed by theTackling the Agriculture-Nutrition...

Brinda Viswanathan
This paper uses the Indian National Family Health Survey data for the year 2005–2006 to draw comparisons of height among adult women across regions for minority groups like caste and religion....


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