Agri-food policies and markets

How can nutrition be improved by agricultural policies, strategies and market-based approaches?

Photo credit: M. DeFreese/CIMMYT

This research theme focuses on the entire agri-food value chain from the producer to the consumer. The agri-food value chain is the succession of different actors including growers, processors, transporters and finally vendors of a food product. We ask how value chains can be influenced through strategies and policies so that they have beneficial nutritional impacts for those most nutritionally deficient. We are particularly interested in pregnant women and children under two. This research theme has two inter-related work streams:
  1. The first work stream examines the level and manner of the disconnection between agriculture and nutrition across the broad policy sphere. We are identifying where and how changes in policies and strategies could lead to agriculture having a more positive impact on nutrition outcomes. Find out more here... And see lead researcher, Bhavani Shankar, explaining why it is important to understand how policies and strategies in the agriculture sector impact on nutrition. 
  2. The second work-stream assesses the degree to which interventions along agri-food value chains, and predominantly beyond the farm-gate, can better connect agriculture and nutrition. We explore how these better connections can make nutritious food more accessible to people who are nutritionally-deficient. Find out more...

South Asia Focus

Funded by UK DFID

This research has been funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development; however the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK Government’s official policies



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