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The vision of BRAC is “a world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination, where everyone has the opportunity to realise their potential”. BRAC is an international development organisation working throughout Asia and Africa. BRAC aims to achieve large scale, positive change through economic and social programmes that enable men and women to realise their potential.

BRAC established the Research and Evaluation Division (RED) in 1975 to maximise learning and inform effective programme design. The division has been conducting programme and policy driven research in areas such as agriculture, food security and nutrition.

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In collaboration with LANSA partners, BRAC-RED is exploring the connects and disconnects between the drivers of agricultural growth and nutritional outcomes in Bangladesh. A series of studies supporting each of LANSA’s research themes will be conducted. BRAC also leads the research uptake strategy for Bangladesh.

Meet the BRAC team working for LANSA.

South Asia Focus

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