Influences on nutrition impacts

How do policies and strategies influence the poverty and nutrition impacts of agri-food value chains?

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Agricultural strategies and policies are rarely shaped by anticipated poverty and nutritional needs.  Yet policy choices, about which crops or livestock, regions, institutions and infrastructure to invest in, have consequences for the incomes and nutrition of the poor. This disconnect between agriculture and nutrition across the agri-food policy sphere is the focus of this research. This research sub-theme includes:

  • A comparative strategy and policy review, linked to the enabling environment research theme;
  • Studies assessing the impact of agri-food and rural public investments on nutrition outcomes in Bangladesh and Pakistan;
  • A study on the impact of crop diversification and agricultural policy support on dietary diversity and nutritional outcomes, in Bangladesh;
  • A study on the feasibility and challenges of including millets in the Public Distribution System in India. 

Listen to Bhavani Shankar talk about how the agriculture sector can be better shaped to produce nutrition outcomes

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