LANSA Responsive Window I

Four successful research grants - Public Health Foundation of IndiaOKAPISchool of International Development - UEA and University of Southampton contributed to the enabling environments research theme under LANSA. The studies were supported under the LANSA’s Responsive Window I opportunity and have helped improve our understanding of how to develop enabling environments for agriculture and agri-food systems to effectively play their part in addressing undernutrition.

LANSA has organised stakeholder consultation three focus countries – Bangladesh, India and Pakistan in 2014, and this process informed our policy-related research priorities in the region. The Call for Proposals was announced in April 2014 and attracted 94 bids from the LANSA focus countries.

The successful research proposals and resulting research outputs were:

      -  Strengthening fruit and vegetable supply-chain policies and programmes in India

      -  How can health, agriculture and economic policy actors work together to enhance the external food environment for fruit and vegetables? A qualitative policy  analysis in India

      -  Value chain analysis in India to identify nutrition-sensitive interventions for improved maternal diets in India

      -  Implementation of the ICDS in Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh (India): a systemic study

      -  Would the People of Chhattisgarh Prefer Cash Transfers instead of Foodgrain?

      -  Household Approaches to Factors Affecting Nutrition: A Study of Two Indian Districts, Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia

      -  Understanding District Ecosystems: Implementation of Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Policies in Sabarkantha and Bijapur Districts (India)

      -  The Policy Environment for Food, Agriculture and Nutrition in India: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

About LANSA Responsive Window opportunity

This facility seeks to engender a wider sense of engagement among national and regional stakeholders in the core challenge of improving the impact of agri-food systems, policies, programmes and interventions on nutrition.

For more information, contact Sangeetha Rajeesh, Research Uptake Manager for LANSA at [email protected]

South Asia Focus

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This research has been funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development; however the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK Government’s official policies



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