M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF)


The vision of M S Swaminathan Research Foundation is to harness science and technology for equitable and sustainable development. The institute was founded in 1988, by Dr M S Swaminathan with proceeds from the World Food Prize. MSSRF pursues a pro-poor, pro-nature, pro-women, pro-livelihood strategy towards technology development, small-scale programmes and the dissemination of results for scaling up beneficial development impacts.

The MSSRF ethos has research embedded in its programmes and a programmatic orientation to its research. The institution is one of the most influential agricultural organisations in India, with direct links to policy-makers at the highest level. Government programmes to empower women farmers, common service centres across villages, and more recently the nutri-farms initiative, are evidence of this. MSSRF is working in partnership with a number of research institutions, public and private sector organisations and is uniquely recognised in India as being a leader in agriculture, food and nutrition.

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MSSRF contribution to LANSA

MSSRF is the lead institution of the LANSA Research Programme Consortium. MSSRF is undertaking a series of research studies with primary and secondary data to identify agri-nutrition linkages and pro-nutrition agricultural interventions. The institute is also responsible for overall coordination of capacity strengthening, and monitoring and evaluation. By the end of year two, MSSRF will also take over the lead on research uptake.

Meet the MSSRF team working for LANSA.  

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