Sangeetha Rosemarie Rajeesh

Sangeetha Rajeesh is a PhD Candidate of Strategic Communication at the Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS), Wageningen University, The Netherlands. She holds a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, is an Environmnt Journalism Fellow from International Institute of Journalism, Berlin Germany, and Media Fellow from National Media Foundation, New Delhi. Sangeetha was Contributor to Rural 21- Germany, Global Press Institute - US, New York Times India Ink, and has worked with leading National newspapers in India. She was also Media Researcher - Panos South Asia; Consultant Researcher – ActionAid; and Consultant-Author/photographer for International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Sangeetha is Former Editor, Press Institute of India & Research Institute for Newspaper Development. She was also Web Documentor for UNICEF, ActionAid and CCF Canada in India. 


Sangeetha Rajeesh is Research Uptake and Communications Manager for LANSA based at MSSRF, and is responsible for research uptake and communications for the LANSA Consortium.

South Asia Focus

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