Recognising the rights of women agricultural workers: Influencing policy discourse

Published Date : Monday, January 21, 2019
Women in agriculture and nutrition has been a major strand of LANSA research, with the need to recognise women agricultural workers and promote their rights as a first step in improving their health and the health of their children as a key focus of research uptake activities. This has resulted in public pledges of support from key policymakers with LANSA partners collaborating at high levels to shift the policy discourse towards the recognition, protection and promotion of rights and well-...

Bringing women’s work into focus in Pakistan

Published Date : Monday, February 26, 2018
Agriculture, the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, can help improve nutrition. The role of the women workers who drive the sector has been a blind spot amongst policy makers who fail to recognize how women in agriculture often work for cheap rates or even for free. The negative effect of this on their health and the nutritional wellbeing of their children is missing from policy discourse. In 2017, LANSA Pakistan tried to bring focus to this issue by giving inputs into provincial-level...

LANSA invited to inform Odisha Vision 2036 policy document in India

Published Date : Monday, February 26, 2018
The State of Odisha in India is characterised by rainfed farming and agriculture is the primary occupation. Undernutrition is at a critical level with the National Family Health Survey showing Odisha in poor light. Therefore in 2016, to propel action towards development in the State and to frame realistic action plans, the government decided on a Vision 2036 Policy Document in line with the SDG targets and involved civil society organisations as well as experts to help articulate strategies at...

National Policy Documents Cite LANSA Products in Bangladesh

Published Date : Monday, February 26, 2018
Every year Bangladesh produces a Monitoring Report of its National Food Policy Plan of Action and Country Investment Plan for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition. For the last 3 years (2015, 2016, 2017) this document has made direct reference to LANSA research on determinants of child undernutrition and on the importance of agriculture in addressing undernutrition. The report to monitor the Country Investment Plan (CIP 2011) is developed by the Ministry of Food’s Food Planning and...

Shifting the policy limelight towards women agricultural workers in Pakistan

Published Date : Saturday, June 3, 2017
The Women’s Work and Nutrition (WWN) survey conducted collaboratively by CSSR and LCIRAH aims to address evidence gaps by evaluating the impact of women’s work in agriculture on their own nutrition and that of their young children. It also seeks to find ways to reduce the negative impacts and enhance the positive ones. Given the emerging importance of the provincial level of government in agricultural as well as nutritional policy and programming, the main focus of the study and its...

For better and long-lasting nutrition, begin with the young in India

Published Date : Saturday, June 3, 2017
Farming System for Nutrition (FSN) feasibility study involves examining the feasibility of crop and animal husbandry, home and community nutrition gardening and nutrition awareness interventions and their impact on nutritional outcomes. Focus group discussions revealed the households had a relatively poor understanding of balanced diet and proper nutrition. To empower communities to better understand nutrition and benefits of consuming a balanced diet, MSSRF-LANSA staff began to include...

Raising the discourse for women cotton-pickers in Pakistan

Published Date : Saturday, September 17, 2016
In April of 2014, there had been little policy or media mention of women cotton harvesters, and months laterwhen the issue was raised it was with regard to wage. CSSR had spent a considerable amount of time emphasising the feminisation of agriculture and its policy implications and through LANSA research were further able to link income, care and nutrition.In this manner when the topic of economic rights of women cotton harvesters entered the public policy sphere, CSSR was well positioned to...

LANSA work receives recognition in India

Published Date : Saturday, September 17, 2016
Odisha Environment Congress 2015 awards MSSRF for work done to advance nutritionLANSA MSSRF research work under Farming System for Nutritionfeasibility study being recognized and acknowledged in Odisha State is a proud moment no doubt, but the more important impact to record is the fact that periodic stakeholder engagement activity made it possible for ‘nutrition’ to be on the mainstream public discourse agenda.A commendable outcome from the Odisha Environment Congress is the...

School Children Take Baby Steps Toward Nutrition Awareness in India

Published Date : Saturday, September 17, 2016
Farming System for Nutrition (FSN) gains acceptance, thanks to community engagement effortsFarming System for Nutrition in India, is the only action-research study under the LANSA programme, and is being piloted in two fragile rain-fed but similar agro-ecological locations (Wardha and Koraput districts) in India. MSSRF is able to couple nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions, along with nutrition and health education at various levels in these communities, including schools.This impact...

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