We have a dynamic team of experienced people in LANSA, and an impressive, and influential advisory group

Abdul Bayes

Abdul Bayes joined as the Director of Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC in June 2015. A renowned academic, Prof. Bayes has been teaching Economics at the Jahangirnagar University for forty years and is a former Vice Chancellor of the University. He is known for his substantial contributions in research on agriculture, international trade and rural development. Prof. Bayes was a member of the panel of economists for fifth, sixth and seventh five-year plans of Bangladesh, and has more than 37 years of experience in research and consultancy with IRRI, Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, World Bank among others. He is a member of the International Association of Agricultural Economists; Asian Society of Agricultural Economists and Bangladesh Economic Association. He did his masters in economics from University of New England, Australia and from University of Dhaka.  Prof. Bayes has authored 15 books and regularly contributes articles in national dailies. Currently he is a weekly columnist at The Financial Express.


Prof. Abdul Bayes leads the LANSA-BRAC team in Bangladesh. He regularly contributes articles on LANSA in Newspapers.

Akshaya Kumar

Akshaya KumarAkshaya Kumar has a Masters in Sustainable Development from Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok. He has worked with MSSRF, Orissa, since 2001 in the areas of biodiversity conservation, food, nutrition and health security and participatory livelihood improvement. He has experience and understanding of pro-nutrition agriculture interventions, knowledge and experience of participatory assessments, training methodologies, ICT tools and documentation skills. 


Akshaya is a Senior Scientist, working exclusively on LANSA research and coordinates the Farming System for Nutrition initiative in Koraput district, Orissa.

Alan Dangour

Reader in Food and Nutrition for Global Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  Alan Dangour has extensive experience in intervention research and systematic review.  Alan's primary research is the interaction between agriculture, nutrition and health and he is part of the inter-disciplinary team that founded the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health.  An increasing area of Alan's research interest is the impact of multiple environmental stressors on global food and nutrition security.


Alan is the lead for our research theme that asks the question, "how strong is the evidence that agriculture can be pro-nutrition?"

Aliza Pradhan

Aliza Pradhan, an agronomist by profession, has five years experience of working in sustainable management of agro-ecological resources for tribal societies in India. She holds a PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA. Her research interest includes developing and validating location specific agricultural production systems in an area for sustainable crop intensification. 


Aliza is the coordinator of Farming System for Nutrition (FSN) study in Koraput, Odisha and Wardha, Maharashtra.

Amna Akhtar

Amna Akhtar is a Research Officer at the Collective for Social Science Research. Amna completed her undergraduate degree from Institute of Business Administration Karachi and has previous experience in the local development and education sector.


Amna is part of the research and research uptake team for LANSA Pakistan. She is also a part of the Research to Action programme, a RU initiative helping grassroots leaders use evidence to influence policy and political action. 

Avinash Kishore

Avinash Kishore is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at IFPRI.  He has a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University. Avinash studied at IRMA and worked for four years with International Water Management Institute (IWMI) before going to the US for higher studies. He is interested in agriculture, environment, and development economics and works on projects that seek to bridge the gap between laboratories and farms in Indian agriculture using action research in collaboration with agricultural universities, agribusiness firms and farmers.

Azmat Budhani

Azmat Budhani is a Research Associate at the Collective for Social Science Research and has worked on migration, poverty and bonded labour projects. Azmat has done his Masters in Sociology from Sindh University Jamshoro and his Bachelor in Agriculture Engineering from Sindh Agriculture University TandoJam


Azmat is part of the LANSA Pakistan research team. He is also a part of the Research to Action programme, an RU initiative helping grassroots leaders use evidence to influence policy and political action. 

Barbara Harriss-White

Barbara Harriss-White directed Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University before founding the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme, with the world’s first masters in Contemporary India. Author or editor of 40 books/monographs and over 200 journal papers/chapters, and Edgar Graham prize-winner for originality in development studies, she has engaged with India’s rural development since 1969. Through first-hand fieldwork she explores the development of agrarian and rural capitalism and varied dimensions of deprivation. Her nutrition research focussed on gender biases, food systems and interventions, and alcohol. At LSHTM she was a major contributor to ‘Agricultural Development and Nutrition’ (Pacey and Payne, 1984). She now directs research integrating environmental and social aspects of India’s informal economy focussing on rice.

For lansa

Barbara Harriss provides strategic guidance from an external perspective via LANSA’s Consortium Advisory Group.

Barnali Chakraborty

Barnali Chakraborty is a Senior Research Fellow of the Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC Bangladesh. Since 2004, Barnali has worked for several nutrition and health research projects in different international organisations. Currently, she provides research support for different programmes and collaborative research projects in the area of nutrition. Barnali achieved a Masters in Public Health from the Royal Tropical Institute, KIT and Vrije University of Amsterdam. Barnali has published in a number of scientific publications and international journals.


Barnali contributes to LANSA's research in Bangladesh. 

Bhavani RV

RV BhavaniA doctorate in Economics from the University of Madras, with an MPhil in Planning & Development from IIT Bombay, Bhavani RV has been working since 2000 on food and livelihood security issues at MSSRF.  As Director of Food Security, she coordinated research and field projects, initiating MSSRF's work in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state in 2006. Between 2004 and 2006, Bhavani was on deputation as ‘Officer on Special Duty’ with the National Commission on Farmers, constituted by the government of India. Before working for MSSRF, Bhavani worked for the State Bank of India.


Bhavani is Project Manager.    


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