Blog Series for NNW2017: Part 3-Nutrient-nutrient interaction

This is the third and final blog as part of the special series for National Nutrition Week in India

Nutrient-nutrient interaction may affect bioavailability in a positive or negative way - i.e their interaction may either enhance or inhibit nutrient absorption or utilization.

Blog Series for National Nutrition Week in India: Bioavailability of nutrients

September 1 to 7 is celebrated in India as National Nutrition Week, and attempting to raise awareness around nutrition absorption and consumption, LANSA research is running a blog series to enlighten readers on simple nutrition science facts.

Part 1: Understanding bioavailability and nutrient interactions in our body

Now-a-days, people are more conscious about the food they eat and its effect on their health. We are now faced dealing with double burden disease and triple burden disease.
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