Considering Fragility: A Disconnect between Agriculture and Nutrition

Author : Haris Gazdar
Published Date : Friday, July 19, 2013
Haris Gazdar highlights the role of fragility in a recent review on the pathways and disconnects between agriculture and nutrition.​ How can agriculture contribute more to improving nutrition in countries like Pakistan (as well as others in South Asia) where the sector continues to employ a large proportion of the workforce, even while its contribution to national income undergoes decline? To find answers to this question is the main objective of the Research Programme Consortium Leveraging...

LANSA, working to improve nutrition through agriculture in South Asia

Author : Stuart Gillespie
Published Date : Sunday, January 6, 2013
Stuart Gillespie talks about a new research initiative that aims to make agriculture work for nutrition Despite rapid economic growth, undernutrition rates in South Asia remain among the highest in the world. Ensuring nutrition security in the region can only occur through a combination of nutrition-specific interventions and more distal ‘nutrition-sensitive” interventions and approaches, such as broad based agricultural growth. The key conceptual linkages and pathways...


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