Political will key to improved nutrition

Author : Stuart Gillespie
Published Date : Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Stuart Gillespie talks about the importance of political willThe year 2013 saw a major step forward in global attention to nutrition. Several processes converged: the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement continued to drive the momentum, with 47 countries now having signed up; The Lancet released a new Maternal and Child Nutrition Series of four state-of-the-art evidence reviews; the “1,000 Days” advocacy movement succeeded in mainstreaming the concept in development discourse; and...

Can gender equity help tackle malnutrition?

Author : Parul Tyagi
Published Date : Monday, March 10, 2014
Parul Tyagi reflects on a new paper that explores the impact of women's agency on nutrition outcomes Improving agricultural productivity can be an effective way for developing countries to achieve economic growth and reduce poverty. However, can agricultural development translate into reductions in undernutrition? In Nepal—where agriculture is the major source of livelihood, and undernutrition continues to be a staggering problem for both children and women of reproductive...

Nitya Rao puts spotlight on gender for LANSA

Author : Nitya Rao
Published Date : Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Nitya Rao explains why she joined LANSAI joined the LANSA team with the hope that I could contribute in a meaningful way to the research agenda. I would like to help ask and perhaps answer some of the critical questions around the persistent enigma of agricultural production alongside severe malnutrition in some of the poorest parts of south Asia. This question cannot be explained in technical or linear ways, but needs to be grounded in people’s lives, in social and gender identities that...

Professor Swaminathan receives nutrition award

Author : Julia Powell
Published Date : Thursday, October 31, 2013
Chair of LANSA’s advisory group, Professor MS Swaminathan, receives recognition for his pioneering work on food security and nutrition.At the 20th International Congress of Nutrition held in Granada in September 2013, Professor Swaminathan was awarded the prestigious ‘Living Legend of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences’. The award acknowledges Professor Swaminathan's "outstanding research, development of nutritional sciences, national recognition, and...


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