What nutrients are in your food?

Author : Nithya D J
Published Date : Monday, February 27, 2017
Find out from the newly launched Food Composition Table released for Indian foodThe first Indian food composition table with 218 foods was released in 1937 as a health bulletin titled ‘The nutritive value of Indian foods and the planning of satisfactory diets’. This was then updated and released with 298 foods in 1951. The same bulletin was rehashed with 856 foods in 1963, 664 foods in 1971 and 606 foods in 1989.After all this time of waiting, Indians can finally get to know what...

LANSA session at Odisha Environment Congress 2016

Author : R V Bhavani
Published Date : Thursday, January 19, 2017
The Odisha Environment Congress(OEC) is an annual event held in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha state, in December every year. LANSA stakeholder engagement in Odisha led to contact with the organisers of the Congress in 2013. LANSA research was recognised and felicitated for advancing nutrition in India, by the organisers of the Congress in 2015 when the theme was “Environment, Health and Nutrition”.  The Congress is organised in collaboration with the state government and...

Change starts from within: how can we maximise research impact?

Author : Jessica Meeker
Published Date : Friday, January 6, 2017
Most of us are familiar with the saying “change starts from within”, usually meant in the context of changing one’s own actions or mindset to create positive changes, rather than trying to change external factors which may be beyond one’s control. Within the Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) team, we believe the same rules apply and have been looking inward, working hard to strengthen capacity within all our teams, to create change on...

Understanding agri-food value chains for nutrition

Author : Nigel Poole, Haris Gazdar and Mar Maestre
Published Date : Monday, January 2, 2017
Undernutrition is a central and persistent challenge for global development, above all in South Asia. Mobilising agri-food businesses to support efforts to reduce undernutrition is challenging. The LANSA (Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia) team has been researching for the past two years how can the markets for food be improved so that substantive and sustained consumption of nutrient-dense foods by the poor in households that are post-farm-gate is achieved. Here, nutrient rich...


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