Meeting of minds: agri-nutrition stakeholders prioritize nutrition for India

Author : Sangeetha Rajeesh
Published Date : Monday, November 30, 2015
MSSRF, the lead partner for the LANSA research programme, organised two agri-nutrition knowledge exchange roundtable dialogues in November 2015 at Mumbai and Bhubaneshwar titled ‘Tackling Undernutrition in India’.The purpose of the dialogues was to appreciate the benefits of linking together agriculture and nutrition stakeholders in the Indian policy environment. LANSA was looking to facilitate a space for stakeholders to recognise that their participation beyond the...

LANSA surveyors in Pakistan trained in conducting anthropometric measurements

Author : Sidra Mazhar
Published Date : Thursday, October 29, 2015
Stunting (chronic under-nutrition) and wasting (acute under-nutrition), which are measured respectively by, height(length)-for-age and weight-for-height(length) z-scores are well-established indicators of nutritional status of a population.  These statistics are widely used to assess progress in reducing under-nutrition and direct policies. We know, for example, that around half of all stunted children in the world and two thirds of all those who are wasted live in Asia alone. The rates of...

Making value chains work for little children

Author : Samar Zuberi
Published Date : Wednesday, October 28, 2015
In Pakistan, 44 per cent of children under the age of five are stunted while 15 per cent are wasted and 32 per cent are underweight (NNS, 2011).  These statistics indicate that malnutrition is a serious problem in Pakistan - according to World Health Organisation classifications Pakistan falls in the ‘very high’ range for severity of malnutrition for all three figures. The occurrence of micronutrient deficiency is also alarmingly high with half of the population of children...

Aarong dairy - breaking the poverty cycle and empowering women in Bangladesh

Author : Md. Abid-Ul-Kabir
Published Date : Friday, October 16, 2015
Lack of permanent market, low quantities of milk production, poor breeding, limited veterinary services and shortages in cow feed were the challenges in dairy sector in Bangladesh till the nineties. To overcome these problems BRAC launched its dairy initiative in 1998 in the country.What started as a social business effort soon became a brand - Aarong Dairy - one that soon gained the trust and respect few businesses manage to gather.BRAC's artificial insemination programme came into play,...


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