Agriculture and Nutrition: Leveraging both for Food and Health!

Author : Barbara Harriss-White, LANSA Consortium Advisory Group Member
Published Date : Wednesday, October 7, 2015
It’s thirty years since Arnold Pacey and Philip Payne published ‘Agricultural Development and Nutrition’, in which they laid out the disconnect between the agricultural science and nutritional science - the latter being then grounded in medicine and biochemistry. They proposed a systems approach from social science to overcome this divide. The late, great Philip Payne wanted to ignite a transformative conversation between Indian home science college teachers, agricultural...

Access to food depends on how markets function

Author : John Humphrey
Published Date : Tuesday, September 8, 2015
South Asia has experienced rapid economic growth, yet it still has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the world, and half the population is undernourished. Besides children, undernutrition among women and adolescent girls is also a major concern.Within the overall picture of undernutrition, micronutrient undernutrition (caused by inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals) is a particular issue in countries such as Bangladesh, which have very successfully increased production of food...

Agriculture and Nutrition together for Health

Author : Prakash Shetty
Published Date : Friday, August 28, 2015
Foundation day for M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai, is in August ever year coinciding with Prof M S Swaminathan’s birthday. This year is his 90th birthday, and MSSRF hosted an International Conference on ‘Science and Technology and Public policy for achieving the Zero Hunger Challenge’ to commemorate the occasion.One of the main sessions of relevance to LANSA, which kick-started the International Conference, was held on the morning of August 8.  Titled...

BRAC arranges knowledge sharing event with stakeholders

Author : Snigdha Ali
Published Date : Wednesday, July 1, 2015
‘Government representative  acknowledges importance of link between research and policymaking - a good day for research uptake!’It was a rainy morning in Dhaka. Perfect for a lively discussion over a hot cup of tea.  BRAC arranged a research dissemination seminar on the 14th of June.  The main objective was to gather policymakers, development practitioners, academicians and researchers and share the findings of some of the research works done in agriculture and...


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